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Rev. 12/16/2016
Strategic Interventions
Strategic Intervention’s vision is to provide an array of
services that has sufficient clinical depth to
appropriately meet our client’s needs throughout the
course of their illness and recovery.
We seek to accomplish this vision by clinically
appropriate treatment, skill building and rehabilitative
services to adults who have severe and persistent
mental illness.
Our services are designed to teach individuals the skills
needed to, manage his/her mental illness and recovery,
to support community integration, and to improve the
quality of life.
Strategic Interventions Values and Ethical
Justice demands that every person, regardless of
disability and other characteristics such as race, ethnicity,
gender, age, economic status, religious belief or sexual
orientation, has the right and responsibilities of full
participation in society.
Good mental health is essential to the development and
realization of every person’s full potential.
Sufficient resources need to be applied to a complete
range of mental health research, preventive interventions,
education, recovery, treatment, community services
design and affordable housing.
People with mental illnesses can experience their own
recovery and live healthy and productive lives.
Mental health treatments should not have more limits on
access and reimbursements than other illnesses.
Services must be age, linguistically and culturally
Families or surrogate families must have access to quality,
community-based, integrated systems of support.
All people should have access to a full array of quality,
community-based, culturally competent, integrated mental
health services.
All people (consumers), parents and families are unique
and essential participants in providing advocacy, services,
education, and training.
The promotion of good mental health and mental health
recovery is the responsibility of every person and social
institution in the community.
Strategic Interventions, Inc. values the inclusiveness of all
individuals and cultural competence at all levels of the
movement toward good mental health and envisions
broad-based citizen participation as essential to
community mental health.
Strategic Interventions
Assertive Community Treatment Teams
Assertive Community Treatment Teams are
comprehensive teams based on a model that
emphasizes treatment of the whole person with a goal
of achieving optimal integration into community living.
It is our belief that recovery from mental illness is most
effective when a holistic approach is considered. In
order to achieve this there is an attempt to merge state-
of-the-art interventions. These teams operate from a
strengths/assets model.
Psychosocial Rehabilitation
Psychosocial Rehabilitation or PSR is a program that
deals with the role impairments as a result of serious
mental illness. Each individual works with the PSR
staff to determine what Recovery and success is for
them in terms of role and environment. The staff then
assists the individual in learning and using the skills
and supports needed to achieve that success.
For more information or to make a referral call
(828) 655-3231